The HTHS exports Hungarian high-quality goods and services to Singapore and to wider Southeast Asia. We are working in strategic partnership with the Hungarian Government and its economic development agencies to support our objectives.

What we do

We connect Hungary to Singapore and the wider Southeast Asian region through expanding business relationships.  We consider Hungary to be the home of the latest technology ideas, innovations and even extraordinary natural resources. We are deeply honoured to be present in Singapore, such an important economic hub of the world.

Our portfolio

Our company helps high added-value Hungarian products and services to enter the international markets. We bring new market connections and business networks to those, who are not yet known at the international level.

Hungarian Food and Beverages

The marketing and distribution of the Hungarian food products is one of HTHS’s most important tasks. 

Historically, Hungary was known as the food basket of Europe. Currently, the F&B sector is still one of the country’s most active export industries. 

Hungary is blessed with unique geographical and climatic conditions that make our soil of some of the best in the world, which has not been exhausted by over-industrialization, and able to grow natural, organic produce in larger quantities.


Realizing the unique knowledge potential in the Hungarian innovation and ICT sector, our company’s aims to help effectively channel this special knowledge from Eastern Europe to Singapore. We firmly believe that not only do the Hungarian technology solutions satisfy the innovation needs of the Singaporean market, but even offer a more personal relationship to creative innovators.