Hungarian Trading House Singapore presented its food portfolio at Food and Hotel Asia 2016, booth of the Hungarian National Trading House.

Food & Hotel Asia 2016 (FHA2016) is widely regarded as Asia's most established trade exhibition of its kind. Its 20th edition was a good opportunity to free discussions and negotiations with the representatives, experts and consultants of HTHS in the following topics: Hungarian meat products, high quality Hungarian food products and the introduction a Hungarian premium food brand.

Gergo Szanko, managing director of HTHS negotiated with several distributors and hope, the Singaporean consumers may soon taste our products.

Mr István Szőke, managing partner of Hungarian Trading House Singapore introduced in person the new Hungarian luxury food brand, Hungarian Heritage founded by him. We are deeply honoured to be visited by Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry.

Mr S Iswaran

Minister for Trade and Industry, Singapore

Mr István Szőke

Managing partner of Hungarian Trading House Singapore PTE Ltd.