Hungarian Trading House Singapore

Hungarian Trading House Singapore had a bit of international adventure last week in Hong Kong. On the 18th of October, we supported the European Trading House Hong Kong (our sister company) in representing our jointly handled food products - such as raw truffles and the well know Hungarian Heritage premium brand - on a very special occasion. Namely the 60th Anniversary of Hungary’s ’56 Revolution, organised by the Consulate General of Hungary in Hong Kong. Thank you for the Consulate for this amazing evening, and for the guests who immediate fell in love with our truffle specialities.

Updated 1#: The famous Hungarian honey truffle - the only sweet truffle on the world - is already sold, thanks to one of our trusted partners from hotel industry in HK.

Update 2#: Thanks to our HK distributor partner, the noble Hungarian Foie Gras and goose cuts about to be shipped to HK.

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