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Hungarian Food

Hungary’s reputation in the food industry has been built on strong foundations. Hungary possesses excellent geographical and climatic features and a 1000-year-old agricultural and culinary heritage as well. Due to these factors producers can make ingredients and products of outstanding quality. Hungary regards the NON-GMO status of the national agriculture and the regulation of traditional activities especially important issues.

In order to guarantee reliable quality, our strategy is based on building long-term partnerships with a number of selected Hungarian companies that supply unique and excellent products. 

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Hungarian Heritage

Our founder, Istvan Szőke, has been passionately looking for unique and extraordinary flavors since his youth. After successes in other fields, he returned to his youthful passion and envisioned a collection of Hungarian culinary works of art.
Through close collaboration with his friends, including renowned experts, chefs, and culinary historians, he decided to identify, source, and collect Hungarian gourmet products only made with the very finest ingredients.
United under the common goal of making these exquisite products available all throughout the world, they formed Hungarian Heritage together to help spread the aromas, flavors, and traditions of Hungarian culture.